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Codebreaker is a Mastermind-type game where the object is to guess the color and position of all of the pegs. After … VIEW

Coloring Book

Views: 8441993SharewareEducational / Kids Russell Holloway
Coloring Book is a decently implemented coloring book using a 16-color palette, presumably intended for young children. … VIEW


Views: 5541989SharewareClassic Results Oriented
Romaz is a strange textmode Pac-Man type game which describes itself as a "cat and mouse" game. You ("Junior"), a … VIEW


Views: 6711992SharewareAction Rickers Software
Outland (or Outland=A) is a space-themed action game where the goal is simple: Shoot the alien ship (?) moving up and … VIEW

Eye of Horus

Views: 7021992SharewareAction John Shramko
Eye of Horus is a simple action / shooting game with a space theme. Simpler even than Space Invaders, a single enemy … VIEW

Ms PacMan

Views: 1,3041996FreewareClassic Achillefs Margaritis
Ms PacMan is not surprisingly a clone of the classic Namco arcade game. It mirrors the visual style and gameplay of the … VIEW


Views: 7851993SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Alan Meiss
Ono is a competent version of the popular Uno card game which is itself derived from Crazy Eights. The rule-set is … VIEW

Rick Dangerous II

Rick Dangerous is a classic series of platforming action games, albeit a short one. This is the demo of the sequel to … VIEW

Blind Justice

Blind Justice is an ambitious adventure / RPG game. This demo version gives you a taste of what you'll get in the full … VIEW

Hangman for the Superintelligent

Views: 2,3371983SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Eric N Miller
Hangman for the Superintelligent is a somewhat pompously titled Hangman game. Guess the word(s) by typing letters, and … VIEW

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