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688 Attack Sub

688 Attack Sub is a submarine simulation game, taking place during the cold war era. The player can perform various … VIEW

Ack-Ack Attack

Views: 17,6471992SharewareAction PLBM Games
A sometimes annoying game where the object is to shoot down enemy paratroopers as they drop from planes; it's a remake … VIEW


Views: 1,5341996SharewareAction ShipSea Software
Akintes is an interesting tech demo of a tank-based action game. It seems like it was released mainly to attempt to sell … VIEW

Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021

Anacreon is a text-mode strategy game where you take on the role of a totalitarian ruler of a small galactic empire. By … VIEW

Annihilator Tank

Views: 1,6271996SharewareAction Andrew McNab
Annihilator Tank is an example of a game that looks good and has a lot of potential but is let down by the way the game … VIEW
Tags: action  3d  tanks  tank  war  shooting

Assault Trooper

Views: 28,7331997FreewareAction Spectrum Pacific Publishing
Assault Trooper is an isometric action game where you are sent on various military missions, such as infiltrating the … VIEW

Banyon Wars

Views: 11,0601990SharewareSimulation / Strategy Soleau Software
Banyon Wars seems to be an earlier version of the more well-known Soleau Software game Isle Wars. The object of both … VIEW

Barren Planet

Barren Planet is a modern DOS game created in CGA graphics mode. It's a turn-based strategy game, and since I am not … VIEW

Batfish Submarine Combat Simulator

Views: 3,2981991SharewareSimulation / Strategy Mauritius Software
Batfish is a submarine simulator, where you look at a bunch of gauges and play out various scenarios. The objective is … VIEW

Battle Bugs

Battle Bugs is a semi-real-time military strategy game of tactical insect warfare. Your mission is to eliminate the … VIEW

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