Batfish screenshot
Batfish gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($15)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 350
DOSBox Cycles:
600 (Approximate)
Batfish screenshot
Batfish gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 2.5
Batfish is a submarine simulator, where you look at a bunch of gauges and play out various scenarios. The objective is always the same: Sink as many of the enemy vessels as you can without getting sunk yourself. This is exactly the opposite of the kind of game I enjoy so I honestly didn't spend much time trying to figure out how to play; the included NOTES.TXT seems to provide some guidance on how to play and how all of the various systems work. Good if you want a realistic (somewhat?) submarine simulator. (Cycle setting of 600 is my best guess, it's difficult to tell exactly how fast the intended game speed is supposed to be.)

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