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The Free Site

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Many free games that you can play in your browser.

Arcade Town
Arcade Town features some original and some classic games available for play online in your browser.

Arcade Play
Play games online, featuring 6 game sections packed with fun online games.

007 Arcade Games
Play free online arcade games created in Java, Flash & Shockwave here. They have lots of games!

Commander Keen: Defender of the Earth
This large fansite contains reviews, downloads, screenshots and other media for each of the Commander Keen games.

Daily Free Games
Play free online games from the net using your browser! Free internet games include multiplayer games, strategy games, RPG games and other free games.

DOS Games Archive
Another large archive of classic DOS games and programs. It is quite well designed, and includes a short description and screenshot for each game, as well as several helpful articles about DOS gaming topics, and some interviews with some famous game creators.

Download Free Games
Download arcade, chess, war, puzzle and many more free games. Advertises itself as the "No banner, No popup, No spyware, No registration, Game Download Site".

Download Free MAC Games
Large directory of Mac freeware and shareware games. Many types of Mac games for Mac gamers. Just to be clear, these are Apple Mac games and they won't work on your Windows PC, only on Apple computers ;)

Free Games
Different games of all types (Windows, DOS, Java, Shockwave ...) divided into categories like Action and Strategy.

Free Games Net
A big list of free games, for all platforms, sorted into categories. One of my favorite free game sites, be sure to visit it!

Free web games (
Play classic arcade and computer games in your web browser, free! Lots of free games sorted into categories. Flash, Shockwave, Java, they're all here. Be sure to check this site out and remember the name! (PLAY (dot) Video Games!)

Free Games Zone
Lots of great Windows and DOS games can be downloaded here! Games are organized by genre, by letter, or you can click to see the top rated games on the site. Users can also add their own mini reviews of the games.

Gem's Games
Download freeware, shareware and other games! Includes many great DOS games, and is one of the oldest games pages on the web!

N3XUS Online Games
A great site with many different free games you can play online!

Noodan Free Games
Download lots of great freeware games here, mostly for Windows.

Old School DOS Games
A nice collection of free DOS games, each given its own short review.

Pass the Shareware Games
Pass the Shareware is a huge collection of the best shareware and freeware sites. They're all organized into various categories, by file type and also by operating system. Their 'Games' page contains links to many great game sites.

Portal5 Games
A great list of DOS/Windows games in many different categories, as well as links to other gaming related sites.

Spatang Classics
This extensive, well designed site focuses on classic Apogee games, and includes seperate areas for Commander Keen, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures and Duke Nukem. Tons of great info, pictures and downloads for all those games including new levels, mods and fanmade games!

This site lists only text-mode (ie non-graphical) games. Some of these are text-adventures, or text-based simulations, while others are Roguelike games that use ANSI characters for simple 'graphics'. Very cool, over 50 different games are listed.

Want to create your own PC games? Willing to put up with outdated graphics and sound? Well ZZT may be right for you! Check it out, even though it is quite old now there is still a thriving community based around this game!

Andrew Charron
Now located at its own domain, this site is the home for kazer0's Bio as well as his various phpBB skins including the popular Alexis.

Bobo's DOS Games Site
This large site includes over 100 DOS games, music, programs, total-conversions and MODS. Includes lots of both freeware and shareware games, all with pictures.

extreme Gaming
This new site has both DOS and Macintosh games available for download, as well as a Java based chat room and message forums.

Meyer Zone
Described as "stories, games, pictures, videos (coming soon!), forums, and fun", former DGF member Tony_Montana's site offers plenty of free content for you to discover.

"The place to discuss coins", a large message board for talking about various currencies.

Free Stuff Share
A new free stuff site with many categories and lots of great free offers to choose from!

A huge archive of free stuff, including contests, downloads, webmaster stuff, and more. Updated often, but a bit cluttered, so it can be difficult to navigate ... they do have great stuff, though!

Interesting DOS Programs
A big list of DOS sites. Just DOS stuff, no Windows. Lots of links to various DOS sites and DOS programs, though, all organized on one page.

Men Today Online Magazine
A free online men's magazine, covering topics like love & sex, family, work, spirituality, and more. Updated regularly with new content.

Super Freewares
A nicely designed archive of lots of free software you can download, in categories like "Internet Tools", "Graphics" and, yes, "Games".

The Free Site
The biggest and most popular "free stuff" website on the web! Contains lots of categories like "Email Freebies", "Free Postcards", "Free Fonts" and even "Free Games" :)

Tiny Apps
A large free software archive with a difference: All programs are less than 1.44megs in size.

Top Free Software Sites
A big list of the best sites to get free software on the 'net. It also includes a special page of free game download sites!

The Free Site