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A Clue's Solution

Max players: 4Views: 5,2961991SharewarePuzzle Richard G. Nikula
A Clue's Solution (sometimes called The Game of ACluSl) is a text-mode word / puzzle game. The game's docs describe it's … VIEW


Max players: 6Views: 2,2141988FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Bill Humphrey
Acquire (subtitled "High Adventure in the World of High Finance") is an adaptation of a board game of the same name … VIEW


Max players: 2Views: 3,2071990SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Aggression is a simple strategy game that could've been played on a physical game board. (Maybe it's based on a … VIEW

Alex the Allegator 2

Max players: 2Views: 13,4332003FreewarePuzzle Free Lunch Design
Alex the Allegator 2 is a puzzle game similar to Othello or other knock-offs like Hexxagon but it's gameplay mechanic is … VIEW

AM's Mini Golf 3D

Max players: 9Views: 1,9071996SharewareSports Andrew McNab
AM's Mini Golf 3D is a competently done mini golf game with a 3D perspective that can be rotated, zoomed, and angled. … VIEW

Apocalypse Cow

Max players: 2Views: 3,1301996SharewareAction Pinata Fatala
Apocalypse Cow is a strange two-player competitive deathmatch game where you fire cows at each other, attempting to … VIEW

Apples & Oranges

Max players: 2Views: 9,8311990SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Expert Source Code Inc
Apples & Oranges is a version of Reversi/Othello, using apples & oranges as the pieces for the two players. It works … VIEW

Arcade Volleyball

Max players: 2Views: 20,7591988FreewareSports Rhett Anderson
A classic volleyball type game, where you control a big nosed guy and try to use your head to knock a volleyball over a … VIEW

Arcade Volleyball Deluxe

Max players: 2Views: 1,5691998FreewareSports Apocalypse
Arcade Volleyball Deluxe is an "upgrade" of the classic Arcade Volleyball game by different authors. The group going by … VIEW


Max players: 4Views: 11,9031995SharewareSimulation / Strategy Benjamin Peterson
Arena is a strategy game which the author states is based on a Commodore 64 game of the same name, although there's not … VIEW

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