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Wall Street Raider

Max players: 4Views: 7,2011986SharewareSimulation / Strategy Ronin Software
Wall Street Raider (full name "Wall $treet Raider - The Corporate Takeover Game / Simulation") is a financial business … VIEW

War of the Mages

Max players: 99Views: 2,1701989SharewareSimulation / Strategy Barry Kearns
War of the Mages is a text-mode turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. You start the game by choosing the number … VIEW

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Max players: 2Views: 78,0151995DemoSimulation / Strategy Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard's follow-up sequel to their successful Warcraft: Orcs & Humans RTS game was immensely successful, and people … VIEW

Wari - The Ancient Game of Africa

Max players: 2Views: 3,2591994Full versionTraditional (Board Games) ImagiSOFT Inc
Wari is an ancient board game which goes by many other names like Awari, Mancala, and Oware. The object is to capture 25 … VIEW

Wibbles III

Max players: 2Views: 5,4221995SharewareAction D'India Software
Wibbles 3 is a competitive Snake/Nibbles-like game where you and a second player battle it out for Wibble supremacy! You … VIEW

Wild Pitch!

Max players: 2Views: 7,9161992SharewareSports MS Software
Wild Pitch! is a text-based baseball simulation game. Ever wanted to simulate a baseball game between two teams with … VIEW

Willy the Beer Varmit's War

Max players: 2Views: 7,8021994SharewareSimulation / Strategy Dan's Software
Willy the Beer Varmit's War is not really as interesting as it's title suggests. Sorry if you were lured in here by its … VIEW

Wizard of Wor '98

Max players: 2Views: 3531998SharewareClassic SYS64738
Wizard of Wor '98 is an updated version of the classic arcade / home video game Wizard of Wor by Atari, first released … VIEW

World Empire

Max players: 4Views: 19,3941991SharewareSimulation / Strategy Viable Software Alternatives
World Empire is a Risk-like world domination game where the object is to take over the world by conquering different … VIEW

Worm Wars 3

Max players: 2Views: 10,7312006FreewareAction Christian Knudsen
Worm Wars 3 will look somewhat familiar to anyone who played the classic QBasic game Nibbles, but it includes many … VIEW

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