This page collects logos that have been used on the site over the years, both the special yearly Christmas logos as well as the numerous main logo variations that have been used.

Christmas Logos

Hey, it's 2023 and time for yet another Christmas logo! I can't say this year's is particularly inspired, but hey I did my best with the time I have! The pixel Christmas tree used is from John Dondzila's Christmas Carnage game.

The 2022 Christmas logo carries on the long tradition of Christmas/holiday logos! This year we feature sprites from Around the World Xmas.

It's the 2021 Christmas logo! Not super-inspired this year, it's getting tougher to come up with ideas at this point TBH. Features the Santa pixel are from Santa's Xmas Caper.

The 2020 holiday logo features a still image from Sierra On-Line Inc's 1986 "A COMPUTER CHRISTMAS" card. This was a promotional animation intended for stores to run on their in-store demo computers. Watch the linked video to see/hear it in action!

The tradition continues with the 2019 holiday logo, re-featuring Jazz Jackrabbit from Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 95 who was last seen back in 2007! It also adds holiday Lemmings, last seen in 2008.

A crudely reskinned Duke Nukem makes an appearance as Santa in 2018's festive holiday logo, the 18th year in a row that has featured a holiday logo!

Rather than creating an entirely new logo, 2017's logo simply reskins the classic text and adds a pixelated present and holiday message.

The 2016 logo again goes with an ASCII character theme, this time a simple tree and plain black background. Classy.

Going old-old school with ASCII characters only for 2015!

Less inspired than the previous year, this simple blue-background logo for 2014 features the Christmas tree from D/Generation (it only appears if you play the game near Christmas!) and of course one of the Vorticons from the Commander Keen games.

The 2013 logo, painstakingly constructed from elements from the Commander Keen series of games, took quite awhile to construct but I think the effect is worth it. :) Original size and double size versions available. Download the free Keen games here. Also check out the Commander Keen History at 3D Realms.

The Christmas 2012 logo features Sint Nicolaas from the Sint Nicolaas game here created by Mike Wiering of Wiering Software!

Carrying on the 10 year tradition, here's the 2011 Christmas logo, featuring several DOS game characters. How many can you identify? :)

Here's the 2010 Christmas logo, featuring a very cold Jill of the Jungle wearing a cheezy Santa hat. :)

The Christmas 2009 logo. Features rocket Santa from the Jetpack Christmas Special game's title screen.

Whee, it's the Christmas 2008 logo. I went for a simpler, more retro-pixelated look this year. The little guys are of course Santa lemmings from Holiday Lemmings.

The Christmas 2007 logo. Features Jazz Jackrabbit from Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 95.

2006's Christmas logo, featuring Santa from Super Speed Christmas Edition.

A nicely patterned Christmas logo from 2005.

Christmas version of the logo, shown briefly in Dec 2004.

A well designed Christmas logo for 2003, unlike 2002.

It's Christmas ... 2002!

The Christmas 2001 logo.

Main site logos

The logo from 2004 until 2018! It was only updated slightly to match the new design when v2.0 was released.

Still looks decent, one of my favorites. From 2003.

This one was used for a long time in/around 2002.

Started to be used sometime in 2001.

Bland ... not much else to say.

An inappropriate font, I'd say. Earliest from 2000 probably.

Not sure if I ever used this one, but it looks alright. Last from 1999.

This one was around for awhile if memory serves me ...

This would've been made using Xara Webstyle.

Another really old one, used for awhile in 1999.

The oldest one I could find.
I think I used Microsoft Word Wordart to make this back in Jan 1999.

Years ago gave out free email addresses ... every day emails are still probably sent to those old long deleted accounts.

Ugly/unused prototype logos

Really early 1999 ... don't think I ever actually used this one.

Ummm ... no.

A failed attempt at a new look using a premade Photoshop action.

I was going to redesign the whole site back in late 2003, and this was going to be the new logo.
The redesign never happened of course. ;)
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