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320 × 200
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Jill of the Jungle screenshot
Jill of the Jungle gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
This is the first game released by Epic after the famous ZZT series. It's still pretty cool, too. You play as Jill of the Jungle, and jump around in various VGA-styled levels, collecting apples and battling strangely designed creatures in a memorable jungle-ish world. A good mix of action and adventure, along with a couple little (fairly easy) puzzle sections. Although the controls take some getting used to, this game is worth playing. Jill ended up being one of the more well-known shareware game characters. Get the full version for free from!
░░░ JILL OF THE JUNGLE: An Epic Classic! ░░░
This 256-color scrolling arcade game
was an Epic bestseller for 18 consecutive
months!  Packed with Super Nintendo quality
animation, effects and a Sound Blaster sound
track.  Enter the enchanting, vivid jungle
and experience the adventure of a lifetime!
Supports CGA, EGA, and VGA graphics.

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