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Hi-Low Game, The

Views: 521993SharewarePuzzle Lorne De Almeida
Hi-Low is a typical "guess the number" game which most beginning programmers will create at one time or another. The … VIEW


Views: 791991FreewareTetris Style Cinétic Systems
Teamtris is a Tetris game with a two-player mode. Actually two different two-player modes: A competitive mode where you … VIEW

Ant Hill 1 & 2

Views: 1381991Full versionAction Chris Busch
Ant Hill is an action / adventure game where you must explore the home of giant, murderous ants and other insect … VIEW

Caverns of Chaos

Caverns of Chaos is not a great game, but it's the kind of game a lot of people probably downloaded back in the early … VIEW

Elephant Herding

Views: 2542015FreewareAction Sebastiaan Jansen
Elephant Herding is a simple text-mode strategy / action game for one or two players. The goal is to herd the elephants … VIEW


Views: 3941991FreewarePuzzle Feynman Software
Mine is a generic-named Minesweeper type game, however here you move around the playing field rather than clicking and … VIEW

Purple Martians

Views: 8282001FreewareSidescrolling Michael David Weiss
Purple Martians is a platforming game, described by its author as being "like Bubble Bobble or Mario". I disagree with … VIEW


Views: 8642018Shareware (Full version available)Miscellaneous Martin Kolecek
Gambler is a modern DOS slot machine type game where you can win totally not-real money! Since most of the game is in … VIEW

Ford Simulator, The

One of the earliest examples of "advergaming", this free program was distributed by Ford (supposedly via disks included … VIEW


Views: 1,3391987SharewareMiscellaneous Raphael Salgado
Gold-Miner is a simple text-mode game based on a TRS-80 game called Goldminer or just Miner. The goal here is to mine … VIEW

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