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Views: 9061990SharewarePuzzle Let's Reason Together
TORNAKS is a "avoid the things coming at you" Robot/Chase game, similar to Robots the Game, Muck Men from Mars and many … VIEW

Kingdoms of Germany

Kingdoms of Germany is a turn-based strategy game which uses the same engine as Vikings: Fields of Conquest from the … VIEW


Views: 1,2411991FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Ian Warmby
Battleships is a remake of the popular Battleship board game. This version is done in textmode, is for two human players … VIEW


Views: 2,5761988FreewarePuzzle Steven Shipway
Wanderer is a Boulderdash-like game where you explore a large playing field trying to collect treasure, kill monsters, … VIEW


Views: 1,3961996SharewareAction MMB Softs
Tron is a lightcycles game based on the movie which plays similarly to Snake, Nibbles, and dozens of other games. Unlike … VIEW

Annihilator Tank

Views: 1,6851996SharewareAction Andrew McNab
Annihilator Tank is an example of a game that looks good and has a lot of potential but is let down by the way the game … VIEW
Tags: action  3d  tanks  tank  war  shooting

AM's Mini Golf 3D

Views: 1,6861996SharewareSports Andrew McNab
AM's Mini Golf 3D is a competently done mini golf game with a 3D perspective that can be rotated, zoomed, and angled. … VIEW

Deluxe Ski Jump

Views: 3,1242000SharewareSports Jussi Koskela
Deluxe Ski Jump is a great ski jump simulation game. The game's sequels are still continuing to this day, ie Deluxe Ski … VIEW

Master Mind

Master Mind is a Mastermind clone with many configurable options. It also somehow gives off a slot-machine vibe due to … VIEW


Views: 1,0631993SharewareTetris Style Murray Brandon
Glasnos 3 is a Tetris-like game that's been flipped horizontally with a lot of different special blocks and items added. … VIEW

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