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Spectre is a strange Battlezone-inspired 3D shooter from 1992. (A year before Doom was released.) It features trippy … VIEW

A Clue's Solution

Views: 2,8701991SharewarePuzzle Richard G. Nikula
A Clue's Solution (sometimes called The Game of ACluSl) is a text-mode word / puzzle game. The game's docs describe it's … VIEW

Super Roco Bros

Views: 2,9722000SharewareSidescrolling Outhouse Software
Super Rosco Bros is an unabashed clone of the Super Mario Bros series from Nintendo. (One of the authors even jokingly … VIEW


Views: 2,8552002FreewareSidescrolling Martin Paucula
Bombjack is a simplified variation of the game Mighty Bombjack by Tecmo. Your high-jumping Bombjack guy can leap all the … VIEW


Views: 2,1461996SharewareSpace Shooting Titan Interactive Systems
GroundFire is a pretty basic shooting game, where you control a tank of some sort that moves along the bottom of the … VIEW


Views: 2,3081992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Larry Parker
HangMan! (or "Larry's Hangman") is a decent Hangman game that plays just like the popular pen-and-paper word-guessing … VIEW


Views: 1,5771993SharewarePuzzle Fossware
Silencer is a simple action / strategy game where the goal is to crush ("silence") your enemies by pushing around … VIEW


Spitball is a game where you control a continually bouncing ball (spit balls don't usually bounce much do they?) and try … VIEW

Drake Snake and the Secret Crypt

Views: 2,2791994SharewareSidescrolling Circus of Dawn
Drake Snake is a German made platforming game which seems to take inspiration from David Crane's Pitfall game on the … VIEW

Gates of Integrity

Views: 4,2092022FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Tarjan
Described by the author as "a humble tribute to the original Bard's Tale 1", Gates of Integrity is a beautifully crafted … VIEW

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