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PC-Connect 4

Views: 1,3611990SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Jeff Harper
PC-Connect 4 is a Connect 4 clone done in text mode. You try to connect 4 of your own pieces in a row (vertically, … VIEW

Castle Master

Views: 2,1291990DemoAdventure Incentive SoftwareDomark
Castle Master is a 3D first-person perspective action/adventure game. Unlike later games like Wolfenstein 3D this game … VIEW


Megagopoly is not a Monopoly clone, unlike what you may assume from its similar name. It's a financial investing … VIEW


Views: 1,0641994SharewarePuzzle ComputerEase
JumbleSquares is a word game, which shares superficial similarities to Boggle. However, this game is totally different, … VIEW


Views: 1,3251990SharewareTetris Style Michael Heyda
Da is a Tetris / Columns type game which attempts to mash the two games together and add new features. Named after the … VIEW

Computer Wars

Computer Wars is a tank wars like game where your aim is to destroy your opponent. It's PC vs Mac in a classic struggle … VIEW

Rodeo Poker

Views: 1,1871991SharewareTetris Style Herringbone Software
Rodeo Poker is described by its author as "A Western-style Tetris Parody". The goal is to drop playing cards into a well … VIEW


Views: 1,9441988FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Bill Humphrey
Acquire (subtitled "High Adventure in the World of High Finance") is an adaptation of a board game of the same name … VIEW


Views: 2,0941994FreewareTetris Style Paul Tidwell
Pharmacy is a Dr Mario clone. Strangely, the included docs only reference Tetris: "Pharmacy is similar to Tetris, only … VIEW

Clif Danger

Clif Danger is a platforming game with great presentation but borderline unplayable gameplay. It makes a lot of the … VIEW

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