First and foremost, I thank God for blessing me in so many ways and providing for all my needs.

I also thank my loving wife who puts up with me, especially the 100's (!) of hours that went into creating and updating this website.

The web implementation of DOSBox is js-dos by Aleksander Guryanov.

Big thanks as well to MrFibble who has provided many useful suggestions and bug reports, as well as invaluable technical knowledge that has improved this website greatly.

Free web libraries used:

Other notables:

  • DOSBox: Thanks to the crew for this amazing piece of software that lets us run most DOS games without any hassle.
  • MobyGames: Thanks to everyone who contributes to this great website, a fantastic source for information about thousands of games.
  • Joris Drenth: Thanks for helping with getting the in-browser DOSBox code working.
  • Let's Encrypt: Thanks for providing free SSL certificates!
  • Liquid Web: Thanks for being a great web host for the past many years, highly recommended.
  • VileR: Thanks for creating the Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack used on this site.
  • Astigmatic: Thanks for creating the free Luckiest Guy font used in the logo.

And of course YOU for visiting this website! ;)

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