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Views: 1,8861988SharewareSports Russell J. Yuma
Baseball is a text-mode baseball simulation / action game. The game looks like it would be a fun game using simple ASCII … VIEW

Shadow Ape

Views: 1,7942001FreewareAdventure Burning Dreams
Shadow Ape is a strange first-person perspective graphical adventure game, along the lines of Shadowgate or Deja Vu. … VIEW

Bert's Dinosaurs

Views: 2,8121992SharewareEducational / Kids Theron Wierenga
Bert's Dinosaurs is a children's coloring book / stamp activity program. You can choose from a couple of different … VIEW

Bert Higgins: The Man From H.E.L.L.

Views: 3,4011998Full versionAction Esoterica Software
Bert Higgins: The Man From H.E.L.L. is an oddly named semi-playable action game where you play as the titular Bert. The … VIEW

Super Shooting Acer

Views: 1,9221995FreewareAction M. Brent
Super Shooting Acer is the type of game that a young programmer creates as one of their first offerings to the world. … VIEW


Views: 2,8251990FreewareTetris Style Hector Noriega R.
TetraFix is essentially another Tetris clone using text-mode, but it's at least presented a little differently and … VIEW

Double Snake

Views: 2,7691993FreewareAction A. Troshin
Double Snake is a quite competent version of the popular Snake / Nibbles type game. It has decent controls (featuring … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  food  worm


Views: 3,0221998SharewareAdventure Dirk Vander Wilt
Kasia is an ambitious Zelda-inspired action / adventure game which takes place in a mysterious world. You have been … VIEW

One Arm Bandit

Views: 2,7391991SharewareMiscellaneous Computer Specialties
One Arm Bandit is a very simple slot machine simulation game, with an inordinate amount of documentation included. The … VIEW


Spectre is a strange Battlezone-inspired 3D shooter from 1992. (A year before Doom was released.) It features trippy … VIEW

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