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PC Golf

Views: 9161985FreewareSports Anonymous / Unknown
PC Golf is not a remarkable game, but it IS a text-mode golf simulation from 1985, so that context does make it a little … VIEW

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Flashback is a rotoscope-animated sci-fi action/adventure game no doubt influenced by Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia … VIEW

Metaltech: Battledrome

Views: 1,1761994DemoAction DynamixSierra On-Line
This demo of Sierra & Dynamix's Metaltech: Battledrome allows you to battle your mech one-on-one against another mech. … VIEW


Views: 1,3401991SharewareAction Glenn Judd
Eliminator is a Snake / Nibbles / Tron lightcycles clone. Your job is to survive and avoid crashing into walls while … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  tron  cga

Scud Attack

Views: 1,0471998Full versionClassic PLBM Games
Scud Attack is a thinly-veiled reworking of Missile Command. Defend your cities from the incoming missiles (err, scud … VIEW


Views: 8931995FreewareAction Screaming Duck Software
Pedes is a competent combination of Snake and a maze game. Originally given away as a registration bonus for the game … VIEW


Views: 9901986FreewareAction Right Brothers, The
Batlia is a two-player combat deathmatch game. You and a human opponent (no CPU opponent available) fly your ships … VIEW

Uncle's Casino

Views: 9361991SharewareMiscellaneous Tim Miranda
Uncle's Casino is a simple text-mode gambling simulator. You start off with $1,000 and you can gamble your money away by … VIEW

Super Mario World DX

Views: 6,9052004FreewareSidescrolling BB Software
Super Mario World DX is fan remake of the classic SNES game. It uses assets from the original game, and re-assembles … VIEW


Views: 2,5781993SharewareTetris Style Young Chung
1993tris is a falling block game that is perhaps more similar to Columns and Dr Mario than Tetris. Groups of four blocks … VIEW

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