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Solver: The Bank Quest

Views: 1,4382001FreewarePuzzle Matija Sikic
Solver is a Sokoban clone where the object is to push bags of money ($) onto the drop spots (red blocks). There are a … VIEW


Views: 1,4351995FreewareClassic Martin Hayden
Robotica is a clone of the popular Robotron arcade game. Using both the mouse and keyboard (mouse to move, keyboard to … VIEW


Views: 1,8651995FreewareClassic Uranium Software
Pako is the first game in the series, with Pako 2 being the relatively better known sequel. It's a Pac-Man clone that … VIEW
Tags: classic  arcade  pacman  fast  pako

Bubble Jeopardy

Views: 1,5911998FreewareAction Dodgy Posse
Bubble Jeopardy is a take-off of Pang or Buster Bros. The object is to shoot bouncing bubbles (only the red, blue, and … VIEW


Campaign is a tongue-in-cheek simulation of a US election, where you play a politician trying to become the president. … VIEW

Gold Mine Run!

Views: 2,3792023FreewareSidescrolling Juan J, Martínez
Gold Mine Run! is a modern DOS game with great retro production values. The game has a simple goal: Collect all of the … VIEW


Views: 1,6741994SharewareMiscellaneous Denis Evans
Fruitbank is a slot machine simulator. It does not emulate a particular machine, but rather seeks to be representative … VIEW


Views: 1,8821993SharewareClassic Lee Chapel
Leaper is a competent Frogger clone. To me it seems a little easier than the classic Frogger game, although I only know … VIEW


Views: 1,6581983FreewarePuzzle Dan Rollins
PolyMaze is a maze-generating program with the twist that it generates mazes of different shapes based on the … VIEW

Chain Reaction

Views: 2,6611990SharewarePuzzle A.R. Wright
Chain Reaction is a puzzle/strategy game where you place marbles on a board, trying to create chain reactions. A space … VIEW

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