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Brad Perolis Bomb Seeker

Views: 1,3301997SharewarePuzzle Brad Perolis
Bomb Seeker is a text-mode minesweeper variant which uses a 10x10 grid and 25 bombs, which is a lot higher ratio than … VIEW

Fall-Zone II

Views: 7,2081991SharewarePuzzle PC Solutions
Fall-Zone II (sometimes just Fall-Zone in the executable) is a simple game where the object is to collect hearts on the … VIEW

Mine Field

Views: 3,2361994SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Mine Field is a version of the popular Minesweeper (TM) type game that was freely available in many versions of Windows. … VIEW


Views: 4211991SharewarePuzzle Richard Vannoy
Mine! is a Minesweeper-like game, but it plays slightly differently than the usual Minesweeper game included with … VIEW

Minefield For Everybody

Views: 1651994SharewarePuzzle Judah Warshaw
Minefield For Everybody (MFE) is a text-mode implementation of Minesweeper. Set the size of your map, and use the mouse … VIEW


Views: 7,4671991SharewareAction Carr Software
Minelayer is a strange game that at first appears to be a prototype to Carr Software's more well-known Islands of Danger … VIEW

Sea Quest

Views: 3141992SharewareSimulation / Strategy David Burns
Sea Quest is a turn-based strategy game for one player against the computer. Your task is to find and destroy all the … VIEW

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