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Gates of Integrity

Views: 4,2142022FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Tarjan
Described by the author as "a humble tribute to the original Bard's Tale 1", Gates of Integrity is a beautifully crafted … VIEW

Skunny: Desert Raid

Views: 2,1141996SharewareSpace Shooting Copysoft
The Skunny series by Copysoft is not regarded as particularly great examples of shareware DOS games, not due to their … VIEW

Robots the Game

Views: 1,5071990SharewarePuzzle Brad Beach
Robots the Game (or simply "BOT" on the title screen) is a simple chase game done in text mode (except the title screen) … VIEW

Marble Guess

Marble Guess is a variation on the popular Mastermind-type game where you must guess a pre-determined pattern of colored … VIEW

Light Cycle

Views: 2,2911997FreewareAction Andrew Lunn
Light Cycle is a TRON-based Snake like game. And I really mean it, there is a strong TRON theme throughout the game, … VIEW

Pako 2

Views: 1,9151995SharewareClassic Uranium Software
Pako 2 is a Pac-Man clone with a lot of, errr, interesting graphics and stuff going on. It's a bit confusing but the … VIEW


Views: 1,3531991SharewarePuzzle Barry Keller Microsystems
Seeker is a game similar to Black Box and others I've seen before (notably more than once on Shovelware Diggers show). … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  laser  balls  logic  random  ega


TiltMaze is a simple game which is similar to wooden "labyrinth" type maze games. Here the object is not to move a ball … VIEW


Views: 1,9452003FreewareAction Andrea Fazzi
Nibbles is not surprisingly a Snake / Nibbles type game. Although it's named after the classic QBasic / QuickBasic … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  fruit  worm


Views: 2,8291995FreewareBall & Paddle Masayoshi Ueda
Bap (named as such because it's a Ball And Paddle game) is a basic breakout clone. You move your paddle (with keyboard … VIEW

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