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Views: 1,5661992SharewarePuzzle Martin Bright
Blots is a Boulderdash-like game with the main innovation that there are two player characters on the screen. I suppose … VIEW


Views: 7861995SharewarePuzzle Magic Wings
Bouldermouse is a Boulderdash style game where you play a mouse. Although it would seem natural to be collecting cheese, … VIEW

Crystal Madness

Views: 3,5471995SharewarePuzzle Mark Davis
Crystal Madness is a Boulderdash-like game where the goal is to collect all of the purple crystals hidden on each level. … VIEW


Views: 8,1841995SharewarePuzzle InTech
Duff is a Boulderdash-like game where the object is to collect the required number of skulls and get to the exit before … VIEW

Rock Man

Views: 6,8101994SharewarePuzzle Soleau Software
Rock Man is a turn-based platforming game which features some fiendishly difficult puzzles. The goal is to maneuver Rock … VIEW

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