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Enchantasy: Quest For The Eternal Grimoire

Views: 7,9601992SharewareRole Playing (RPG) EGA Computing
Enchantasy seems to be a decent CRPG fantasy game, with the caveat that the author(s) REALLY want you to register this … VIEW
Tags: rpg  crpg  fantasy  ultima  ega

Nerakian Adventure

Views: 8351995SharewareRole Playing (RPG) Karen Scites
Nerakian Adventure is a traditional CRPG created using the DCGames RPG creation system. As such it presents the same … VIEW
Tags: rpg  crpg  fantasy  dcgames

Secret of Cooey, The

Views: 7631998FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Darkness Ethereal
The Secret of Cooey is a simple but entertaining RPG game with some humor thrown into the mix. The author mentions it … VIEW

Ultizurk 1: The Grandmaster's Quest

Views: 2,9251994SharewareRole Playing (RPG) Dr Dungeon
Ultizurk is the first in a series of CRPG games, influenced strongly (as you might expect) by the Ultima series of … VIEW
Tags: rpg  crpg  ultima  ega

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