Ultizurk 1 screenshot
Ultizurk 1 gameplay screenshot
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Ultizurk 1 screenshot
Ultizurk 1 gameplay screenshot
uz1.zip - 452k - Run GAME.EXE to play
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Ultizurk is the first in a series of CRPG games, influenced strongly (as you might expect) by the Ultima series of games. You take control of your hero, get your quest from the king, and set off for adventure. Although the graphics and sound effects are not the best (why does the PC speaker keep beeping when you're on certain tiles?!) there seems to be a decent amount of depth to the game, and at least the available keys to press are always clearly displayed on the screen. Definitely worth checking out for CRPG fans. (You'll probably want to run GAME.EXE to skip the unnecessary and LONG intro sequence.)

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