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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is an unlicensed fan-made demo of a pretty well-made Sonic engine for DOS. This is not emulated; it's … VIEW

Legend of Lezda, The: The Adventure of Jinx

Views: 2,1161997FreewareRole Playing (RPG) HPC Gameshop
The Legend of Lezda: The Adventure of Jinx is a strangely named Zelda inspired game which barely exists on the Internet. … VIEW

Wrath of Earth

Wrath of Earth is a fairly obscure FPS with a sci-fi theme. It bears similarities to the Apogee FPS Blake Stone as well … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  scifi  mechs  space  rpg  adventure


Views: 1,0281993SharewareTetris Style Vectorman
Tetrolis is a Tetris clone that really doesn't want to mention Tetris. The docs describe it as though it's an innovative … VIEW


Views: 9431997FreewareTetris Style Reinier van Grieken
DiceDrop is a rare game, re-discovered by the author in his personal archives and now available for the world to play! … VIEW


Views: 9431988SharewarePuzzle Raymond M. Buti
Suju is a word-deciphering game. You're presented with four mixed-up words and you need to figure out what they are. … VIEW


Views: 9961990FreewareAction Everett Kaser Software
TigerFox is a game by Everett Kaser, who is well known for his DOS and later Windows puzzle / strategy games. This is a … VIEW


Views: 1,3481990SharewareSimulation / Strategy Wizard Games
Greyhound is a textmode simulation of greyhound dog racing. Choose which of the dogs in your kennel you want to enter … VIEW

Boxer Rebellion

Views: 1,0011982FreewareAction K. L. Carpenter
Boxer Rebellion is a QIX type game where the object is to completely outline the score boxes while avoiding the enemies. … VIEW
Tags: action  arcade  qix  boxes  cga

Ultimate Super Stack

Views: 1,0932000FreewarePuzzle Oren Bartal
Ultimate Super Stack is a clone of Kirby's Star Stacker. The rules of the game are somewhat difficult to explain in … VIEW

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