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Dim Esquire

Views: 1,2251993SharewareSidescrolling H/M Software
Dim Esquire looks like it would be a promising game, along the lines of possibly Another World / Out of This World, but … VIEW


Views: 1,1161988SharewareAction Star*Systems
Blammo is a Snake / Tron / Nibbles clone with an additional interesting / confounding feature. You control a … VIEW


Views: 1,5841995SharewarePuzzle Leslie Benzies & Andrew McBean
Rock is a Boulder Dash clone with large levels and decent graphics. The unregistered version contains five levels out of … VIEW


Views: 1,3051996SharewarePuzzle Imagination Development
Deflector is a difficult two-player battle game where you must hit each-other with lasers. However this is not primarily … VIEW

Speed Haste

Speed Haste is an arcade-style 3D perspective racing game. Choose your car (you only get one in the demo version) then … VIEW


Views: 1,4341995SharewareTetris Style Enypsox
Drak is a Tetris clone with a fantasy themed story and some extra block features. The game begins with a lengthy … VIEW

Armed Worms

Views: 1,3471997SharewareAction Jonas Kukkonen
Armed Worms is a Snake or Nibbles style game for two players. You each control a snake, and when you eat things, your … VIEW


Views: 1,2101988SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Khobey Software
Hangman is a basic version of the Hangman game often played by bored kids with nothing more than a paper and pencil … VIEW

Spider Web

Views: 1,3061989SharewareAction Christopher G. Gunn
Spider Web is a strange game with strange "music" which blasts through the PC speaker. You are the spider and must draw … VIEW
Tags: action  spider  flies  webs  ega

Cargo Bay

Views: 1,2321994SharewarePuzzle Cytherean AdventuresMVP Software
Cargo Bay is a Sokoban clone where the object is to push crates on top of transporters. It's jazzed up with a sci-fi … VIEW

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