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Computer Trivia Quiz

Views: 9,6401991SharewareEducational / Kids Shoestring Software
This quiz program about the history of computers, computer science, and the people who were involved, allows you to … VIEW

Computer Wars

Computer Wars is a tank wars like game where your aim is to destroy your opponent. It's PC vs Mac in a classic struggle … VIEW

Know It? DOS 5.0 Volume 1

Views: 3,2011993SharewareEducational / Kids Silver & Sage Software
Know It? DOS 5.0 Volume 1 is, as you might expect, a quiz game on the MS-DOS operating system, specifically version 5.0, … VIEW

Memory Hog Hunter

Views: 2,9911988FreewareAction Jim BodioIntel Corporation
Back in the late 80's Intel Corporation created their "Above the Board" solution to the 640k conventional memory limit … VIEW

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