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Views: 1,7531993SharewareClassic A-J Games
Pac is a Pac-Man with a few novel gameplay mechanics, which were actually implemented due to the limitations of the RDS … VIEW

Lumpies of Lotis IV

Views: 1,4291986FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Compute! Publications
Lumpies of Lotis IV is a first-person RPG game which was provided as BASIC code in Compute! magazine. Authored by John & … VIEW
Tags: rpg  crpg  fantasy  cga  basic


Views: 2,1481989SharewareBall & Paddle Scott DeMers
ARK... is not a great Arkanoid clone, but it was made in 1989 so we'll cut the author some slack because it does have … VIEW

Block Hole

Views: 1,3551993SharewareTetris Style Louis DeSetto
Block Hole is a Tetris variant where instead of ONE Tetris well, there are FOUR. How does this work? Not very well … VIEW
Tags: tetris  puzzle  blocks

Ultimate Blackjack

Views: 1,7251993SharewareMiscellaneous Accidental Software
Ultimate Blackjack is a fun simulation of the popular card game. Often played in casinos around the world for real … VIEW


Views: 1,2271991SharewarePuzzle ScanLine Software
Bombo (or BOMbO) is a Mine Sweeper clone in text mode with slightly awkward controls. The default setup is a 32x16 grid … VIEW

Space Pizza

Views: 1,4581993SharewareAction Ideas From the Deep
Space Pizza has pretty good production values, but the game itself is not thrilling. It's a space action game where the … VIEW

Garamond Mini Game Version

Views: 1,3721991SharewareSpace Shooting White Obsidian Software
Garamond is a Galaga / Galaxian type game which is sort of a demo version of the real thing, since if you registered … VIEW

Dead Game

Dead Game is a variation of a peg-jumping game, for two players. Well, here it's you vs the CPU. The rules are outlined … VIEW

KKND: Krush Kill 'N Destroy

KKND is a real-time strategy game (RTS) with a futuristic, post-apocalyptic theme, pitting humans against mutants. The … VIEW

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