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Views: 1,2741986SharewareSpace Shooting DB Micro Systems
Zapshot is an old CGA space shooting game with some questionable game mechanics. You use the F9 key to shoot and the … VIEW


Views: 1,8431998SharewareAction Wah-Software
Phase2 is a graphically impressive game with extremely difficult controls which makes it not much fun to play. The goal … VIEW

Secret of Cooey, The

Views: 1,9451998FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Darkness Ethereal
The Secret of Cooey is a simple but entertaining RPG game with some humor thrown into the mix. The author mentions it … VIEW


Views: 1,8951997FreewareAction Hypothermia Software
Zombies is a simplistic game about zombie slaying. In what plays like an extremely dumbed-down version of Vampire … VIEW

Stellar Police

Stellar Police is a turn-based RPG project created by two young friends. Unlike most PC RPG games which take place in … VIEW


Views: 1,5971996SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Richard Gardner
Euchre is a trick-taking card game that I never learned how to play. So my review here will mostly concentrate on the … VIEW


Views: 1,6021994SharewarePuzzle Cascoly Software
Towers is described as a Tetris-like game but it doesn't have much in common with it. You are given pieces of various … VIEW

Siberian Chess

Views: 1,7981994FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Eugene Nalimov
Siberian Chess is a very competently made chess program developed in Siberia, hence the name. It presents quite a … VIEW


Views: 1,8271996SharewareAction WSPHomebrew Software
Speedy has an awesome intro, but the game itself is only okay. It's not really a racing game, although it presents … VIEW


Views: 1,8581996FreewareSpace Shooting Ground Up Software
Spin is a simple single-player space shooting game with 360-degree movement intended to show off the company's "Ground … VIEW

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