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Clash of Spears

Clash of Spears is a turn-based fantasy themed strategy game. You and up to three other players all compete to destroy … VIEW


Views: 1,3141994SharewareAdventure Ryan Gravlin & Jason Ware
Mideval (not sure if that's even the correct name) is not a great game. In fact, it barely qualifies, since it's … VIEW

Minefield For Everybody

Views: 9941994SharewarePuzzle Judah Warshaw
Minefield For Everybody (MFE) is a text-mode implementation of Minesweeper. Set the size of your map, and use the mouse … VIEW

Cops & Crops

Views: 1,1861993SharewareAction Russ Merritt
Cops & Crops is a Missile Command style game where the object is to protect your "crops" from the "cops" who are … VIEW

Sea Quest

Views: 1,6371992SharewareSimulation / Strategy David Burns
Sea Quest is a turn-based strategy game for one player against the computer. Your task is to find and destroy all the … VIEW


Views: 1,3011993SharewareAction Jean-Guy Lavallee
BarBar (or "Bar Bar", the spacing is ambiguous) is a strange game of survival. Kill enemies with your unlimited laser or … VIEW

Mortal Pong

Views: 1,4791995FreewareBall & Paddle Cheesy Software
Mortal Pong is a Pong clone with a few unique features, and unlike what you might assume from its name, it's not full of … VIEW


Views: 1,2041985SharewareAction MicroTec Consulting
Madball is a simple but challenging game of reflexes. Your objective is to guide the white box from the left side of the … VIEW

Super Maxit

Views: 1,3131991SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Super Maxit is a puzzle / strategy game where you attempt to beat the CPU player in a high-scores contest. It's based on … VIEW


Views: 1,8291988SharewareSimulation / Strategy Rad Delaroderie
EGABOMB / VGABOMB (also apparently called "OnTarget" in a re-release by shareware disk publisher Villa Crespo Software) … VIEW

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