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Views: 2632002SharewareAction WHS
Zonker is a mostly unremarkable Snake / Nibbles like game. A game for one or two players, the object is to not crash … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles


Views: 5651990FreewareClassic Henrik Høxbroe
TitanMan is an unashamed remake / ripoff of Pac-Man, featuring Pac-Man himself or at least a stunning look-alike as the … VIEW

Buick Dimensions: The Buick Open

Views: 3521990FreewareSports InMar Group, Inc., TheBuick
Promotional games were apparently pretty popular in the late 80's and early 90's, with several companies putting out … VIEW

Patriot Command

Views: 3641992SharewareClassic Timber Valley Software
Patriot Command is an unabashed Missile Command clone. It plays similarly to the classic arcade game: Protect you … VIEW

Parsifal: A Medieval Fantasy World

Views: 4221992SharewareSimulation / Strategy Mark Cassidy
Parsifal is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. You play the red guys, and you must defeat the blue guys. … VIEW


Views: 2821995FreewareSidescrolling Burning Dreams
Storm is a strategic platforming game which I feel is probably based on some earlier game but I'm not sure which one. … VIEW

Maze Runner 3-D

Views: 2911992SharewarePuzzle Nate Goudie
Maze Runner 3-D is a 3D perspective maze game. Like an old-school first-person perspective turn-based RPG, you turn in … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  maze  3d  cga

Super Sled Acer

Views: 1781996FreewareSports M. Brent
Super Sled Acer is a downhill sled game. It plays much like the more typical downhill skiing games, where it's not … VIEW


Views: 2691993FreewareSimulation / Strategy Cheesy Software
Roast'em is a tank-battle game where you and an opponent (computer-controlled or human) take turns firing shots at each … VIEW

Clash of Spears

Clash of Spears is a turn-based fantasy themed strategy game. You and up to three other players all compete to destroy … VIEW

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