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Views: 8,1771992SharewarePuzzle Doug Beeferman
An interesting puzzle game with many different levels, despite the lack of great graphics and sound effects. The object … VIEW


Views: 8901992SharewarePuzzle BEZ
BEZ P.E.G.S (an acronym of "Practically Everything Goes Somewhere") is a block-pushing game ala Sokoban with a twist. … VIEW


Views: 5171996FreewarePuzzle Benoit Poirier
Pentominos (or as it's more commonly spelled, Pentominoes) is a variant of the game that Tetris was inspired by. The … VIEW

Plasma Zone

Plasma Zone is a variation on pentominoes games where the object is to place the pieces together so that they form a … VIEW


Views: 6141994SharewarePuzzle Cascoly Software
Towers is described as a Tetris-like game but it doesn't have much in common with it. You are given pieces of various … VIEW

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