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Game of 15, The

Views: 7661994FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Aron Brand
The Game of 15 (also called 15 Puzzle and many other names) is a traditional puzzle game that was originally created in … VIEW

Litil Divil

Litil Divil is an interesting game with high production values and a lot of variety in its gameplay. The developer … VIEW

Monika's Tic Tac Toe

Views: 1,7742006FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Mateusz Viste
Monika's Tic Tac Toe is unsurprisingly a Tic Tac Toe game played against a CPU opponent. The author created it for his … VIEW

Breakout (2024)

Views: 1,9982024FreewareBall & Paddle M. Sami Gürpınar
Breakout is 2024 a modern remake of the Atari classic ball & paddle block-breaking game, originally released in 1976 … VIEW

Transport Tycoon

Views: 3,3151994DemoSimulation / Strategy MicroProse
Transport Tycoon is considered a classic in the real-time strategy genre, and its author went on to develop the … VIEW

VDiff Drill aka Arctic Sub War

Views: 1,3221988SharewareEducational / Kids Jeremy Jones
VDiff Drill aka Arctic Sub War (I'm not even sure about the actual name of this program) is a multiple-choice quiz game … VIEW


Views: 1,2881992SharewarePuzzle E. T. S. Inc
Pirada is a single-player puzzle / luck game where the object is to uncover flipped playing cards in a 5 x 5 grid, … VIEW


Views: 1,5471998FreewareBall & Paddle Michael Fogleman
QB-Bounce is a Breakout / Arkanoid clone written in QuickBasic. It features square-shaped blocks that you must remove by … VIEW


Views: 1,4631998SharewareSimulation / Strategy Jari Huikari
Grenades is a Tank Wars / Gorillas / Scorched Earth / etc type game where you set your angle, choose your power, and … VIEW

Last Express, The

The Last Express is a unique graphical adventure / detective game where the goal is to prevent certain events from … VIEW

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