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B.A.D stands for "BLASTING, ANNIHILATION & DESTRUCTION", but given that this game is not particularly fun, it ended up … VIEW

CHAMP Galaxia

Views: 13,1291996SharewareClassic CHAMProgramming
Galaxia is, of course, a clone of the Namco arcade game Galaxian. Adding to the many other DOS-based clone games from … VIEW

Galacta: The Battle for Saturn

Views: 31,8191996SharewareSpace Shooting Albino Frog Software
Galacta: The Battle for Saturn (the game's full name) is a well-done remake of the Galaga or Galaxian type space … VIEW


Views: 15,6321996SharewareSpace Shooting PLBM Games
Galaxi is, as you might expect, a derivative of the Galaxian series of games, which is itself derivative of Space … VIEW

Garamond Mini Game Version

Views: 1,3721991SharewareSpace Shooting White Obsidian Software
Garamond is a Galaga / Galaxian type game which is sort of a demo version of the real thing, since if you registered … VIEW

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Views: 23,3661994SharewareSpace Shooting Pop Software
Nice name, eh? It certainly caught your attention! This space shooting game has pretty VGA graphics and smooth gameplay. … VIEW


Views: 7,4231999FreewareSpace Shooting JJSoft
Pet-Jet is a Galaxian / Galaga inspired shoot-em-up. It features high-res 640 x 480 graphics and high-intensity … VIEW

Space Miner!

Views: 11,7431990FreewareSpace Shooting Sights UnScene
"No one has finished level 3!" With that quote from the game's documentation giving you an idea of the level of … VIEW

The Last Eichhof

Views: 10,4581993FreeareSpace Shooting Alpha Helix Productions
The Last Eichhof is a decent game with an ... uh, "original" premise? In this space shooting game, you play a beer … VIEW

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