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Mideval screenshot
Mideval gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 1
Mideval (not sure if that's even the correct name) is not a great game. In fact, it barely qualifies, since it's essentially a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type storybook created entirely using batch files. Yes, you run a .BAT file to start the game, and then continue running batch files to choose what you want to do next. The story is middling, with plenty of spelling and grammar errors, as you can tell from the game's name. But it's the authors' first game (they state as much in the included readme) and it's an innovative way to make a "game" that I've never seen before so I figured I should include it here. Hopefully the authors continued learning and progressed to QBasic and beyond! (Apparently one of the authors created at least one more game, a BBS door ...)

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