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Cops & Crops gameplay screenshot
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Single player
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1000 (Approximate)
Cops & Crops screenshot
Cops & Crops gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 2
Cops & Crops is a Missile Command style game where the object is to protect your "crops" from the "cops" who are trying to destroy your crops and bust you. It plays similarly to Missile Command, with the police firing missiles (?!) to destroy your plants which you must shoot down. Sometimes a plane will fly past and officers will parachute down, if one of them makes it to the ground you automatically lose. The game looks mediocre, the controls are a bit slow, and for some reason you need to hold down the Shift key to see the aiming crosshairs? They should be displayed all the time! Otherwise it's an okay version of Missile Command.
Cops & Crops v.1.0
Defend your crops from an onslaught of police 
attacks in this fast action arcade/mind game. Original 
concept with an underground theme.

Requires: 256 color VGA, 640k and a 286/10mhz. 
Optional: Joystick

(C) 1993 Russ Merritt and A.M.P.

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