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Views: 11,9972001FreewareMiscellaneous Gregory G. Leedberg
Billy is an attempt at an artificial intelligence type conversation bot, similar to Eliza, Dr Spoc, or the infamous Dr … VIEW

Christmas Tree Construction Kit

Views: 6,9051991FreewareMiscellaneous Acumen Software
Christmas Tree Construction Kit is not a game per se, it's more of an interactive toy that may entertain young children, … VIEW

Dr. Spoc: Computer Psychiatrist

Views: 8,4561993SharewareMiscellaneous SPOC
Dr. Spoc is similar to other pseudo-AI "psychologist" programs like Eliza or Dr Sbaitso. But the included documentation … VIEW

Drum Blaster

Views: 12,7801992SharewareMiscellaneous Larry TiptonEpic Megagames
Not really a game, more of a musical toy ... Drum Blaster is a virtual drum kit, where you can make simple songs by … VIEW


Views: 14,6201988Public DomainMiscellaneous Michael Day
Eliza was an early attempt at computer AI. The idea was that it would be something like a computer therapist, where you … VIEW

Haunted House Sounds

Views: 1,3991991SharewareMiscellaneous Larry Tipton
Haunted House Sounds is a special F/X sound board with a spooky, Halloween theme. It was created by Larry Tipton, who … VIEW

Pea-ESP! 2

Pea-ESP is a program to test whether you possess ESP, ie Extrasensory Perception. It includes a lot of discussion about … VIEW


Views: 10,3731997GPLMiscellaneous Leonard Richardson
robotfindskitten is a thrilling journey into the life of a robotic kitten-finder. It's also a weird ASCII graphics ... … VIEW


Views: 5,5551992FreewareEducational / Kids Axelgraphics
TATRHEAD.EXE is a very simple "Mr Potato Head" type game designed for kids. It works like a virtual version of the … VIEW

Voyage to the Planet Earth

Views: 2,3471993SharewareMiscellaneous WWW Software
Voyage to the Planet Earth only barely fits into the category of "game" but it's so cool that I couldn't help including … VIEW

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