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Max players: 2Views: 21,8371996SharewareClassic CHAMProgramming
Pac-Em is a great clone of the classic Pac-Man arcade game. In case you've never played Pac-Man (!?) the object is to … VIEW

Chasm: The Rift

Max players: 2Views: 74,5221998Demo3D Shooting Action Forms LtdGT Interactive
This surprisingly good 3D shooting game (the demo is downloadable here) is, in terms of technical things like graphics, … VIEW
Tags: 3d  fps  shooter  fantasy

Chinese Checkers

Max players: 6Views: 8,3111992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) ImagiSOFT Inc
Chinese Checkers (also known as Sternhalma) is a game that was originally developed in Germany as a board game, and only … VIEW

Christmas Matchup

Max players: 3Views: 9,1441994FreewareEducational / Kids Godly Games
Christmas Matchup is a tile matching & memory game with a Christmas / Bible theme. You're presented with a set of 25 … VIEW

Circle Link

Max players: 4Views: 2,8481989SharewarePuzzle Christopher G. Gunn
Circle Link is a puzzle type game where the object is to connect rings to allow your ball to pass down through them. … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  rings  balls  ega

Clash of Spears

Max players: 4Views: 2061993SharewareSimulation / Strategy Sorcerer Productions
Clash of Spears is a turn-based fantasy themed strategy game. You and up to three other players all compete to destroy … VIEW


Max players: 6Views: 10,6091989FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Dennis M. Straus
Clue (or Cluedo outside North America) is a detective board game by Parker Brothers / Hasbro, originally published in … VIEW

Computer Trivia Quiz

Max players: 6Views: 9,6231991SharewareEducational / Kids Shoestring Software
This quiz program about the history of computers, computer science, and the people who were involved, allows you to … VIEW

Computer Wars

Max players: 2Views: 2201992SharewareSimulation / Strategy Scott Litvinoff & Wei Zhong
Computer Wars is a tank wars like game where your aim is to destroy your opponent. It's PC vs Mac in a classic struggle … VIEW

Computerized Game of Fencing, The

Max players: 2Views: 1,0241990SharewarePuzzle OR Concepts Applied
Fencing is an odd yet intriguing game for two players which has nothing to do with swordfights or building wooden … VIEW

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