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Electronic Arts (EA) was founded by Trip Hawkins (who eventually left to found the 3DO company) in 1982. It was unique at the time because, unlike other companies which treated their game developers as normal employees, EA actively promoted its developers like authors of popular books would've been promoted. They wanted to represent their devs as "rock stars". Today the company has evolved considerably from their early years to become one of the largest game developers and publishers, in part by acquiring other companies like Maxis and Popcap Games. EA received the dubious distinction of being voted by The Consumerist as "Worst Company in America" in both 2012 and 2013. EA's many, many games (developed and/or published) include titles like M.U.L.E, Pinball Construction Set, the Battlefield series, Spore, the Command & Conquer series, the Medal of Honor series, the Rock Band series, and probably hundreds of licensed sports related titles.

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Games developed and/or published by Electronic Arts

NHL 96 (1995)
Theme Park (1994)
NHL Hockey (1993)
SEAL Team (1993)
Syndicate (1993)
4D Boxing (1991)

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