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Soleau Software, founded by (and possibly consisting solely of) William Soleau, is described on its website as being "an innovator of educational, non-violent strategy, logic, and arcade games that give hours of fun challenge and enjoyment." Starting in the early 90's, they produced numerous DOS based games, later transitioning into Windows software as well. The Soleau website is still online today, selling all of their games.

  Official Soleau Software website

  Soleau Software's Mobygames page

Games developed and/or published by Soleau Software

Taxi Run (1997)
Ant Run (1996)
Squarex (1996)
Dotso (1995)
Mice Men (1995)
Quato (1995)
Isle Wars (1994)
Mice Moves (1994)
Sea Run (1994)
Wordmax (1994)
Aqua Man (1993)
Bolo Box (1993)
Chexo (1993)
Plix (1993)
Bolo Ball (1992)
Lava Cap (1992)
Robix (1992)
Rampcube (1991)
Tribolo (1991)
Goldhunt (1990)
Iago (1990)
Mindcube (1990)
Plotz! (1990)
Sink'em (1990)
Blind Maze (1989)
MadMaze (1989)

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