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Wordle screenshot
Wordle gameplay screenshot
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Note: If you are looking for clones of the popular modern Wordle game, try one of several DOS Wordle clones! The game on this page is a different game made many years before that other game was created.

Wordle is a Boggle clone. The object is to spell as many words as possible (4 letters or more) from a grid of 25 random letters. The game offers a large dictionary of 80,000 words, so it's likely that your word will be recognized. (At least if it was considered a word back in 1993!) As usual with Soleau Software games, the presentation is minimal but functional in EGA 16-color mode. There are similarly not many options, and no two-player mode.
WORDLE  v1.1   Req. EGA/VGA   Wordle11.zip
Wordle is another challenging word game
from Soleau Software. The objective is to 
spell as many words as possible from a grid
of 25 random letters. There are many ways to
play, either with variable time limits or by 
number of words spelled. Wordle has its own
dictionary of over 80,000 words, score 
cards, and much more. The game will provide
hours of entertainment for all ages! 
Requires EGA/VGA - Hard Disk Recommended

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