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Quato screenshot
Quato gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 5
If you're hunting for an enjoyable word game, this could be it. While I have never played "Boggle", this game looks lot like it. The premise is simple: you have three minutes to shift the letters around in a 5x5 grid and create as many words as possible. Points are awarded and the high scores are recorded. The wordlist supposedly contains over 80,000 words. It would be a good idea to force players to look up words in the dictionary that they don't know, because I sometimes spelled words by accident while moving around the tiles! :)
QUATO v2.1  Req.EGA & Hard Disk QUATO21.ZIP
Soleau Software has produced another unique
strategy puzzle word game for all ages.  
The objective is to push around letter tiles 
on a 5x5 game grid to spell as many words 
as you can within 3:00 minutes. Your words  
are constantly being checked against a 
80,000 word dictionary. The game is easy to
play and fast paced. It offers hours of 
entertainment for all ages. Very Addicting!

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