Wall Pipe screenshot
Wall Pipe gameplay screenshot
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Wall Pipe screenshot
Wall Pipe gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Wall Pipe is one of many Pipedream / Pipemania / Oilswell type games released by Soleau Software. This game plays pretty much the same as the games previously mentioned: Lay out pieces of pipe so that the oil continues to flow. You're given 30 seconds before the oil starts moving. The interface is a bit confusing to me: You need to click the mouse to select the next piece, which then disappears, so you'd better remember what type of piece you're placing. I also encountered a weird bug: The clock continues to tick down while you're in the options menu, but the game apparently only checks when the clock hits 0 while you're in the actual game. So the clock ticked below 0 while I was in the options, and was at -5 when I returned to the game. The oil never flowed and I had to quit the game! Other than the weird bug and the confusing interface design choice, it does work, but there are better Pipedream clones out there, several from Soleau itself.

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