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Last Express, The gameplay screenshot
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* Archived, Apr 1997
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Last Express, The screenshot
Last Express, The gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
The Last Express is a unique graphical adventure / detective game where the goal is to prevent certain events from happening before reaching the next station. The game progresses in real time, and you may die if you fail to achieve your objective in time. But you can rewind time to try again, so it's never "game over". The is the brainchild of Jordan Mechner of Prince of Persia fame, so of course the graphics are rotoscoped similarly to that series of games, except here in higher resolution and with less animation frames. The game uses a simple mouse-based interface. It's definitely a unique game with a distinctive style that received high review scores upon its release. (Note that the zip file includes both DOS and Windows-based executable files to run the game on either platform.)

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