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Battle Fleet

Views: 8,3511991SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Wade L. Corby
Battle Fleet is a clone of the popular Milton Bradley board game Battleship. (The documentation for the game even … VIEW


Views: 24,3141998SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Timothy C. Benner
Battleship is, not surprisingly, a version of the popular board game of the same name. You place your ships on a grid, … VIEW

Big Guns

Views: 1,9032004FreewareAction Don Christie
Big Guns is a 2-player battleship simulator game. (The author spells it "Bigguns" in the included docs but it's always … VIEW

Transport Tycoon

Views: 3,0811994DemoSimulation / Strategy MicroProse
Transport Tycoon is considered a classic in the real-time strategy genre, and its author went on to develop the … VIEW

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