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Adventure Writer

Views: 1,5831987FreewareGame Creation Systems Craig Blakeway
Adventure Writer is a program which allows you to create your own text adventure games without any programming or … VIEW

Colossal Cave Adventure

Views: 51,9901990Public DomainAdventure Kevin Black
This is a bit before my time ... however, it's worth playing at least once, just to see one of the first text adventure … VIEW

Dream Prisoner

Views: 1,1471995FreewareAdventure Procurion 9
Dream Prisoner is a text adventure game with graphics. Basically it plays like a normal text adventure, but a background … VIEW


Views: 5,8271988FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Jon Walker
Eamon (aka "The Wonderful World of Eamon") is an example of a very early PC RPG game. Originally created by Donald Brown … VIEW


Views: 14,4911988SharewareGame Creation Systems Dennis Drew
Gamescape is a text adventure (interactive fiction) game creator, similar in concept to others like AGT, except that it … VIEW

Palace of Deceit: The Secret of Castle Lockemoer

Views: 13,2971991SharewareAdventure Atomic Revolution Software
"Palace of Deceit: The Secret of Castle Lockemoer" (nice name) is a text adventure game, with one main differentiating … VIEW

Skullduggery: Adventures in Horror

Views: 12,6721989SharewareAdventure David Jewett
Skullduggery is a classic text adventure game which also include some basic ASCII graphics (essentially maps) of the … VIEW


Views: 12,3091987Full versionAdventure Apogee Software
Supernova is one of the earliest games released under the Apogee Software company name. Programmed by founder Scott … VIEW


Views: 20,3952003FreewareGame Creation Systems Mickey Crocker
Text-World is a text adventure game creation system which attempts to simplify the process of creating games compared to … VIEW

Wizard's Castle, The

The Wizard's Castle (aka "The Temple of Loth") is a simple text-mode based role playing game where the player is led on … VIEW

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