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Shareware ($35)
Single player
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640 × 400
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700 (Approximate)
VDiff Drill screenshot
VDiff Drill gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
VDiff Drill aka Arctic Sub War (I'm not even sure about the actual name of this program) is a multiple-choice quiz game with arcade elements. The shareware version includes questions from the category "Computer Hardware Logic & Design" but the registered version would include other similarly nerdly categories like Programming Languages, Networking, and Operating Systems. You are presented with a question and given three multiple choice answers. Three mini-games are provided which are used to allow you to choose your answer: Arctic Sub Wars, Bomber, and Racecar. (You can also skip the mini-games and just select your answer.) Everything is presented in monochrome text-mode, and the games are not particularly enjoyable. The game makes a big deal about its "autoadjust-difficulty" feature but really the games just start out fast and then move slower and slower until you win.

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