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Views: 5321996FreewarePuzzle Benoit Poirier
Pentominos (or as it's more commonly spelled, Pentominoes) is a variant of the game that Tetris was inspired by. The … VIEW


Views: 5291990FreewareClassic Henrik Høxbroe
TitanMan is an unashamed remake / ripoff of Pac-Man, featuring Pac-Man himself or at least a stunning look-alike as the … VIEW

Rival Chess

Rival Chess is a mouse-based chess program which uses an icon-button system as its primary interface. You can play … VIEW

Gold Mine Run!

Views: 5142023FreewareSidescrolling Juan J, Martínez
Gold Mine Run! is a modern DOS game with great retro production values. The game has a simple goal: Collect all of the … VIEW

Big Guns

Views: 4992004FreewareAction Don Christie
Big Guns is a 2-player battleship simulator game. (The author spells it "Bigguns" in the included docs but it's always … VIEW


Views: 4941996FreewareRole Playing (RPG) Tom Proudfoot
SLASH is a variant of Nethack, one of the most popular old roguelike games. SLASH stands for "SuperLotsaAddedStuffHack" … VIEW


Views: 4931995SharewareClassic Softlair Computer Products
Defender is a clone of ... Defender. If you've never played the classic arcade game, it's a horizontal shooter where you … VIEW

Magic Olymp

Views: 4901991FreewareAction Jojo Soft
Magic Olymp is a Boulderdash-style game in that there are pushable blocks that fall using rules similar to that type of … VIEW


ZJZ RISK is a version of the popular board game Risk. Up to six human players can take turns trying to take over the … VIEW


Views: 4761988FreewareAction Raymond T. Albert
Pac-Maine is an obscure CGA oddity from 1988 which was distributed by the University of Maine at Fort Kent as a … VIEW

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