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Hunchback 96

Views: 1,0261996FreewareSidescrolling Dodgy Posse
Hunchback 96 (also known as "Rampart Rampage" for some reason) is a sort-of remaking of Hunchback which itself was a … VIEW

Galactic Gorch

Views: 1,0221995FreewareSpace Shooting Joey Cato
Galactic Gorch is a simple space shoot-em-up where you blast aliens. Once you've blasted enough of them, you move to the … VIEW


Views: 1,0151991FreewareAction J/H Enterprises
Boomerang originally appeared as a Commodore 64 game written by Kevin Dixon; this DOS remake appeared a short time … VIEW

Computerized Game of Fencing, The

Views: 1,0111990SharewarePuzzle OR Concepts Applied
Fencing is an odd yet intriguing game for two players which has nothing to do with swordfights or building wooden … VIEW


Views: 1,0091995SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Wolf Company
Randzu is a PC implementation of a "5-in-a-row" game similar to Gomoku. Two players take turns placing pieces on the … VIEW

Funky Bubbles Puzz

Views: 9631995FreewareTetris Style metalion
Funky Bubbles Puzz is a Puyo Puyo-like falling block game. The author references a game called "Hexa" which maybe was … VIEW

Five Hundred

Views: 9581997SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Garry McKay
500 is a card game of the trump/trick variety. I'm not entirely sure how to play because the game kind of assumes you … VIEW

Death by Backgammon

Views: 9411990SharewareTraditional (Board Games) C. Kanaris
Death By Backgammon is a backgammon game for a single player. It's been many years since I played the board game but it … VIEW

Deux Trois Quatre

Views: 9231993SharewarePuzzle Roger D Hamilton
DTQ (or Deux Trois Quatre as it says on the title screen and nowhere else) is a match-two game where you flip over … VIEW


Views: 9171989SharewareTraditional (Board Games) WR Software
Bridge Pal allows you to play the card game Bridge. Since I don't know how to play Bridge, I will have to assume it does … VIEW

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