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Brick Jumper! II

Views: 2,3392002FreewareAction Master Raven
Brick Jumper! II is the sequel to "the not quite popular game" Brick Jumper!, says the author. The game is simple: Move … VIEW

Triple Memory

Views: 2,3221997SharewarePuzzle Jos Dickmann
Triple Memory is a variation of the popular "match two" game where you flip cards over and see if they match; if they … VIEW


Views: 2,2901991FreewareTraditional (Board Games) David W. Mims
Rastermind is a version of the classic Mastermind board game. Here you must guess a series of four colors. After each … VIEW


Puzzy is a 256-color picture puzzle game. It aims to offer a digital version of a jigsaw puzzle. Unlike most PC versions … VIEW


Views: 2,2611992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Larry Parker
HangMan! (or "Larry's Hangman") is a decent Hangman game that plays just like the popular pen-and-paper word-guessing … VIEW

Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation

Views: 2,2482000FreewareSidescrolling T. S. Karthik
Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation is a platforming / shooting game in the style of older Apogee and Epic releases. … VIEW

Drake Snake and the Secret Crypt

Views: 2,2261994SharewareSidescrolling Circus of Dawn
Drake Snake is a German made platforming game which seems to take inspiration from David Crane's Pitfall game on the … VIEW

Light Cycle

Views: 2,2081997FreewareAction Andrew Lunn
Light Cycle is a TRON-based Snake like game. And I really mean it, there is a strong TRON theme throughout the game, … VIEW


Views: 2,0811996SharewareSpace Shooting Titan Interactive Systems
GroundFire is a pretty basic shooting game, where you control a tank of some sort that moves along the bottom of the … VIEW

Skunny: Desert Raid

Views: 2,0671996SharewareSpace Shooting Copysoft
The Skunny series by Copysoft is not regarded as particularly great examples of shareware DOS games, not due to their … VIEW

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