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TiltMaze is a simple game which is similar to wooden "labyrinth" type maze games. Here the object is not to move a ball … VIEW


School-Mom is a collection of a large number of educational games. Most of the games are fairly simple, and span a range … VIEW


Views: 1,2411990SharewareAction Stephen L. Parker
Squirmer is a Snake-like game where you pilot your snake (or worm?) around the stage, collecting power pellets while … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  worm


EdChess (later re-published as commercial software under the more generic and enthusiastic name Chess!) is a computer … VIEW

Girlfriend Construction Set

Views: 1,1401989SharewareMiscellaneous Tom Scheffler
Girlfriend Construction Set is a bit of a historical artifact; it's definitely a product of its time and not politically … VIEW


Views: 1,1351991FreewareClassic Stefan Heineke & Karsten Finger
Cruncher is a fairly basic Pac-Man clone created by the authors of the better-known AquaNoid game. The game plays FAST … VIEW

Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery

Views: 1,1351992SharewareAdventure Tim & Kenneth Wisseman
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery is a first-person perspective graphical adventure game. You play as a 1920's … VIEW


Views: 1,1291990SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Aggression is a simple strategy game that could've been played on a physical game board. (Maybe it's based on a … VIEW


Views: 1,1212023FreewareDriving & Racing Rodisoft
Carser is a game that originates back in 1997 but was only fully completed by its author in 2023. Inspired by the Micro … VIEW

International Bridge Contractors

Views: 1,1191985FreewareSimulation / Strategy William D. Hileman
International Bridge Contractors is a presumably unlicensed clone of the TRS-80 / Atari 8-bit game of the same name. … VIEW

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