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Imperium Rex

Imperium Rex is a turn-based textmode strategy game for up to three players where the goal is to become the victorious … VIEW

Sensible World of Soccer

Views: 2,6121995DemoSports Sensible Software
Sensible World of Soccer (or on the title screen here just Sensible Soccer) is an arcade-like soccer (aka football) … VIEW

Sokoban 3D

Views: 2,5991997DemoPuzzle Logos
Sokoban 3D is an interesting idea for a game that just doesn't work well in practice. Sokoban of course is the classic … VIEW


Views: 2,5731991SharewarePuzzle Cascoly Software
AntiC is an interesting puzzle game where the object is to turn all of the blocks in the given pattern to the same … VIEW

Love Manager

Views: 2,5491992SharewareAction Victor Aliyev
Love Manager (or as it's displayed in the game, L♥ve Manager) is an action / arcade game that is sort of a cross … VIEW

Bubble Trouble

Views: 2,5301990SharewarePuzzle F. Dodd
Bubble Trouble is an interesting game for one or two players where the object is to drop bubbles and make lines of 3 or … VIEW


Views: 2,5261996SharewarePuzzle Rude Dog Software
Ballistic is a Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble type game where you must shoot colored orbs and match them to clear them from … VIEW


Views: 2,5201988Full versionSidescrolling Fireball Software
Hunchback is based on an old BBC Micro game. It was converted to PC in 1988 in glorious CGA! Originally a commercial … VIEW

Pool Shark

Views: 2,5101993SharewareSports Eduline Software Productions
Pool Shark is a pool simulation game. It's you against the CPU (there doesn't seem to be any way to play a two-player … VIEW

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hong Kong Mahjong is a Mahjong game, aimed at being authentic to the particular type played in Hong Kong. (Duh) This is … VIEW

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