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Views: 3661994FreewareTetris Style Vadim Madgazin
3Detris is a 3D-ish version of Tetris. The game allows you to shift the viewpoint with the arrow keys and actually … VIEW

Mortal Pong

Views: 3651995FreewareBall & Paddle Cheesy Software
Mortal Pong is a Pong clone with a few unique features, and unlike what you might assume from its name, it's not full of … VIEW


Campaign is a tongue-in-cheek simulation of a US election, where you play a politician trying to become the president. … VIEW


Views: 3551995FreewareClassic Uranium Software
Pako is the first game in the series, with Pako 2 being the relatively better known sequel. It's a Pac-Man clone that … VIEW
Tags: classic  arcade  pacman  fast  pako

Wizard of Wor '98

Views: 3531998SharewareClassic SYS64738
Wizard of Wor '98 is an updated version of the classic arcade / home video game Wizard of Wor by Atari, first released … VIEW

Hearts Attack!

Hearts Attack! is an enthusiastically named recreation of the popular four-player trick-taking card game Hearts. Here it … VIEW

Patriot Command

Views: 3481992SharewareClassic Timber Valley Software
Patriot Command is an unabashed Missile Command clone. It plays similarly to the classic arcade game: Protect you … VIEW

PCBOWL - Electron Lanes

Views: 3451986SharewareSports BearWare Systems
PCBOWL is a simple bowling simulator which is presented in CGA graphics mode. You choose the number of bowlers (1-4) and … VIEW
Tags: sports  bowling  cga

Buick Dimensions: The Buick Open

Promotional games were apparently pretty popular in the late 80's and early 90's, with several companies putting out … VIEW


Views: 3411993FreewareSpace Shooting Jay Kramer
PowerShooter is described by its own author as being a "game is basically like any other shooter game". It plays like a … VIEW

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